Medieval Times in Dallas

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Address: 2021 N. Stemmons - Dallas, TX 75208 - MAP
Phone: (866) 543-9637

Medieval TimesHere ye, here ye. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to rule a kingdom in the Middle Ages as a King or Queen?

Well, Your Majesty, ponder no more. When you visit Medieval Times in Dallas, you'll be treated like royalty from the moment you arrive in your gas-guzzling carriage.

After a tour of your castle, enter the Hall of Arms celebration arena and prepare thyself for an evening of gorging, drinking and entertainment.

Medieval Times is an experience that can't be pinned down in a few words. It's a hybrid of live dinner theater with audience participation − set in a medieval castle and jousting arena, naturally.

The concept was inspired by the historic tradition of royal families, who would invite guests to join them for a festival and feast. The reproduction 11th century castle provides the perfect backdrop to an evening of revelry and entertainment.

Dinner is served in pewter goblets and dishes, with nary a fork or napkin to be found. Instead, guests dig in with their bare hands in the tradition of Medieval Times. Before the final belch, the tournament begins. Falconry, sword-fighting and jousting take center stage in the arena below.

The Battle of Champions comes complete with sizzling special effects and choreography. Weaponry and costumes are true-to-tradition.

If you've already been here, it's worth a return trip. Medieval Times continually updates and enhances the performances, ensuring that all guests are treated like royalty.